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We are currently living in unprecedented times.

Pure Cinema Experience have a socially adaptable solution to keep the UK moving forward. Following on from the success of drive-in events in countries like Germany and South Korea, we want to help revive British events in a socially responsible way.

That’s why we have curated cinematic experiences that respect COVID-19 rules from start to finish. As the government releases its phased approach, Pure Cinema Experience will adapt each event to follow the most current laws, offering the right balance between social interaction and moral responsibility.

As experts in our field having produced drive-in events since 2016, we have developed fully-integrated event plans include ticket scanning through closed car windows, distanced toilet queues, on-site gourmet takeaway food, 360-degree VR experiences, in-car entertainment and more!

We feel that this is the perfect antidote to the disappointment felt nationwide at the cancellation of so many summer events.

Let’s be creative, let’s be different, and let’s get everyone involved!

Click here to download our Covid-19 event deck Download


Luke Temple & Zoe Ettershank

We are Luke and Zoe, two individuals with a passion for event production — the creativity of creating immersive experiences is what drives us. We truly believe in the transformative power of cinema and its ability to inspire people everywhere. Good events and good relationships come from collaboration. We’re excited to start a dialogue, learn about your brand, and create something unforgettable together.