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Zoe Ettershank
Zoe Ettershank Owner
Luke Temple
Luke Temple Owner

Luke Temple & Zoe Ettershank

We are Luke and Zoe, two individuals with a passion for event production — the creativity of creating immersive experiences is what drives us. We truly believe in the transformative power of cinema and its ability to inspire people everywhere. Good events and good relationships come from collaboration. We’re excited to start a dialogue, learn about your brand, and create something unforgettable together.

Our Mission

Pure Cinema Experience is a fully-immersive company dedicated to producing cutting-edge, pandemic-proof events at destinations throughout the United Kingdom

Our Reputation

We operate with state of the art audio and visual technology, premium production-value and creativity to create unforgettable experiences that can translate perfectly to any location and occasion.

Our Vibe

We’re not here just to create events. We’re here to move you. Our immersive experiences have the wow factor to keep people excited for more.

Our Promise

We deliver a diverse range of immersive cinematic experiences to create the wow factor needed to keep people talking about your brand.

We formed pure cinema experience in 2016, starting with local events in our hometown.

We quickly hooked up with Buster Lang Car Show to create fully unique events. With access to many classic cars, our audience was often wowed with our amazing shows.

From our entertainers recreating cult classics such as Pulp Fiction and Grease, we realised that we had started something truly special and unique.

We were then approached by larger brands including Goodwood Estate and Sky Cinema, which springboard us to scale our business from a passion project to a firm favourite within the events world both in the UK and abroad.

After the global COVID-19 pandemic, we found that we have been extremely fortunate that a project we have been working on for a long time is a good fit within the current climate. The importance of social distancing will remain until a vaccine or cure is found. Even in a Covid-19 free world, our Drive-In Events have been a sell-out!

Offering the right balance between social interaction and social responsibility is our unique selling point.

We really hope that we can help you create the event you want and go above and beyond your expectation.

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